Horn Music Recordings and Sheet Music

The French horn is a brass instrument consisting of a coiled tube with a flared bell. Originally, the so called 'natural' horn was limited to producing the notes of the harmonic series of its base pitch (based on the length of the tube). Slight changes to intonation could be made using the lips or placing the hand inside the bell. During the early 19th century, a valve system was developed to allow horn players to change the length of the instrument, giving birth to the modern French horn. Nowadays horns are usually double, with two sets of tubing pitched to F and B-flat. These are switched using a fourth valve, and, combined with the standard three-valve system, allow the horn to reach virtually every note in its range.

Title Composer Form Period Ratings
Grosse theoretisch-practische Waldhorn-Schule Oscar Franz Books Romantic
Méthode de Cor Louis-François Dauprat Books Classical
Méthode de Premier et de Second Cor Heinrich Domnich Books Classical
Méthode pour le Cor Frédéric Duvernoy Books Classical
Concertpiece for Four Horns and Orchestra, Op.86 Robert Schumann Concerto Romantic
Horn Concertino, J.188 (Op.45) Carl Maria von Weber Concerto Romantic
Horn Concerto in Eb, K. 447 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Concerto Classical
Horn Concerto no. 1 in D major, K. 412, 514 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Concerto Classical
8 Etudes Agostino Belloli Etude Classical
12 Etudes for Horn Louis-François Dauprat Etude Classical
12 Progressive Etudes Agostino Belloli Etude Classical
24 Etudes Agostino Belloli Etude Classical
200 Études nouvelles mélodiques et progressives pour cor Maxime Alphonse Etude Early 20th Century
330 Etudes for First Horn Louis-François Dauprat Etude Classical
Concert-Etüden Oscar Franz Etude Romantic
Fantasia per corno inglese sopra lo spartito dei Masnadieri Giovanni Battista Belpasso Fantasy Romantic
Motetos de Passos in E-flat major Manoel Dias de Oliveira Motet Classical
4 Pieces for Natural Horn Robert G. Patterson Piece 20th Century
Le rendezvous de chasse Gioachino Antonio Rossini Piece Classical
Mélodie, Op.25 Louis-François Dauprat Piece Classical