Harp Music Recordings and Sheet Music

The harp is a family of string instruments which feature a number of individual strings running at an angle to its soundboard. Harp strings are plucked with the bare fingers. Harps are ancient instruments, emerging in different cultures all over the world and benefiting from technological advances. They can be categorized according to their shape and build. The most common use of the word 'harp', though, is to refer to the western pedal harp, which is a common member of the symphonic orchestra. The pedal harp is distinguished by its complex system of pedals which can alter the length of strings in order to set the whole instrument in a particular 'key'. Thus, the pedal harp functions as a fully chromatic instrument which doesn't need multiple courses, and is capable of playing uninterrupted scales at great speeds.

Title Composer Form Period Ratings
4 Favorite Airs Arranged for the Harp Martin Pierre Dalvimare Aria / Arietta Classical
Harper Air Paul Butler Aria / Arietta 20th Century
Ballade in drei Episoden, Op.20 Albert Zabel Ballade Romantic
Barcarolle, Op.10 Gabriel Verdalle Barcarolle Romantic
Explanations of the New Harp Effects and Passages Nicholas Charles Bochsa Books Romantic
Harfen-Schule Albert Zabel Books Romantic
L'art de jouer de la harpe, Op.12 Jean-Baptiste Cardon Books Classical
Méthode de Harpe François Vincent Corbelin Books Classical
Méthode de harpe Jacques-Georges Cousineau Books Classical
New Welch Music, Op.1 B. Cunnah Books Classical
Nouvelle méthode de harpe, Op.60 Nicholas Charles Bochsa Books Classical
The First Six Weeks Nicholas Charles Bochsa Books Classical
Tutor for the Harp François-Hippolyte Barthélémon Books Classical
Impromptu-caprice, Op.9 Gabriel Pierné Caprice Early 20th Century
Premier Recueil d'airs, ariettes, menuets et gavottes Jean Baur Compilation Classical
42 Dances for Harp Alessandro Favier Dance Classical
A Capri Gabriel Verdalle Dance Romantic
Aubade printanière Théodore Dubois Dance Romantic
Danse du Schall François Joseph Dizi Dance Romantic
Danse sacrée et danse profane Claude Debussy Dance Late 19th century
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