Cello Music Recordings and Sheet Music

The violoncello (or cello) is an instrument from the violin family. It has four strings tuned in perfect fifths. It became popular in the first decades of the 18th century, eventually replacing the bass violin and other mid-sized similar bowed chordophones. Nowadays the can be found in orchestras or a solo instrument, and less frequently in some modern ensembles, including rock bands. Music for the cello is usually written in the bass clef, but both tenor and treble clefs are used for high passages.

Title Composer Form Period Ratings
3 Suites for Cello, Op. 131c Max Reger Suite 20th Century
5 Concert Etudes for Cello, Op.10 Bernhard Cossmann Etude Romantic
6 Cello Sonatas, Op.1 Benedetto Marcello Sonata Baroque
6 Cello Suites, BWV 1007-1012 Johann Sebastian Bach Suite Baroque
6 Pensées musicales, Op.17 Gustav Erlanger Piece Romantic
7 Cello Etudes, Op.175 Friedrich Dotzauer Etude Romantic
7 Variations on 'Bei Männern, welche Liebe fühlen', WoO 46 Ludwig van Beethoven Theme and Variations Classical
11 Caprices for Cello Joseph Dall'Abaco Caprice Baroque
12 Caprices for Cello, Op.7 Auguste Franchomme Caprice Romantic
12 Caprices for Solo Cello, Op. 25 Carlo Alfredo Piatti Caprice Romantic
12 Exercises for Cello, Op. 47 Friedrich Dotzauer Etude Romantic
12 Exercises for Cello, Op. 54 Friedrich Dotzauer Etude Romantic
12 Exercises for Cello, Op. 158 Friedrich Dotzauer Etude Romantic
18 Exercises for Cello, Op. 120 Friedrich Dotzauer Etude Late 19th century
20 Studii Luigi Forino Etude Romantic
24 Études journalières, Op. 155 Friedrich Dotzauer Etude Romantic
24 Etudes, Op.38 for Cello Friedrich Grützmacher Etude Romantic
24 Exercises for Cello, Op. 35 Friedrich Dotzauer Etude Romantic
113 Etudes for Cello Friedrich Dotzauer Etude Romantic
Aires Ibericos Alain Lefébure Piece 20th Century