Toccata Music Recordings and Sheet Music

A Tocatta is a piece for solo instrument (most of the times keyboard), usually featuring very fast, virtuosic sections. The first tocattas date from the late Reinassance, and consist of scale-driven pieces for keyboard, in which the left hand performs a very simple accompaniment. The Baroque toccata puts even more emphasis on the improvisational feel, reaching extreme levels of dexterity and extravagance, and including brief imitative sections. After the baroque period the form became less usual.

Title Composer Instrument Period Ratings
2 Organ Toccatas Niccolò Valenti Organ Classical
2 Toccatas Giovanni Battista Martini Orchestra Baroque
4 Toccate Trascritte per Violino, Viola e Violoncello Felice Boghen String Trio Baroque
14 Toccatas Carlo Cotumacci Piano Baroque
Adagio, Toccata, and Allegro for Organ in G major, RicS 112 Gasparo Sborgi Organ Classical
Apparatus Musico-Organisticus Georg Muffat Organ Baroque
Dithyrambe und Toccate, Op.4 Robert Volkmann Piano Romantic
Diverse curiose partite Johann Jacob Froberger Organ Baroque
Fantaisie et Toccata, H.281 Bohuslav Martinů Piano Early 20th Century
Festa Bucolica Dezső Antalffy-Zsiross Organ 20th Century
Festival Toccata Percy Eastman Fletcher Organ Early 20th Century
Fiori Musicali, Op.12 Girolamo Frescobaldi Organ Baroque
Prélude grave René Vierne Organ Early 20th Century
Tocatelle, Op.26 Auguste Dupont Piano Romantic
Toccada del 3. Tono Peeter Cornet Computer Baroque
Toccata Gustav Holst Piano Late 19th century
Toccata Jules Massenet Piano Late 19th century
Toccata Ottorino Respighi Piano and orchestra Early 20th Century
Toccata Arnold Bax Piano Early 20th Century
Toccata Francesco Zane Organ 21st Century