Saraband Music Recordings and Sheet Music

The saraband (from the Spanish 'zarabanda') is a dance that apparently appeared in the Spanish colonies during the 16th and 17th centuries, before moving back across the ocean and being adapted by European courts as a slow dance. Though at first considered somewhat indecent, it was later adopted by baroque composers as a standard movement in suites and variations.

Title Composer Instrument Period Ratings
2 Sarabandes, WoO 5 Johannes Brahms Piano Romantic
3 Sarabandes Erik Satie Piano Early 20th Century
Diane de Poitiers Carl Chesneau Piano Romantic
Fünff-stimmigte blasende Music, No.34 Johann Christoph Pezel Wind Ensemble Baroque
Sarabanda José Elías Organ Baroque
Sarabande Orlando Gibbons Organ Renaissance
Sarabande Arthur Honegger Piano 20th Century
Sarabande Anatoly Lyadov Piano Romantic
Sarabande Philippe Gaubert Harp Early 20th Century
Sarabande Matthias Weckmann Piano Baroque
Sarabande and Cortège, BV 282 Ferruccio Busoni Orchestra Early 20th Century
Sarabande con partite in C major, BWV 990 Johann Sebastian Bach Piano Baroque
Sarabande con variazioni, Thême de Händel Johan Halvorsen Chamber group Romantic
Sarabande en canon Louis Couperin Piano Baroque
Sarabande en forme de gaillarde Jean-Henri D'Anglebert Piano Baroque
Sarabande espagnole du seizième siècle Jules Massenet Orchestra Romantic
Sarabande et menuet, Op.72 Vincent d' Indy Wind Ensemble Early 20th Century
Sarabande et Rigaudon, Op.93 Camille Saint-Saëns Orchestra Late 19th century
Sarabande et thème varié Reynaldo Hahn Solo Instrument and Piano Romantic
Sarabande for the ballet L'eventail de Jeanne Albert Roussel Piano 4 hands Early 20th Century