Polka Music Recordings and Sheet Music

The term Polka refers to both a Bohemian dance and the music that was originally written to accompany it. Its popularity extended through Europe and America, creating a vast number of regional polka styles. The dance was also adapted by academic composers, especially from Vienna. Though most polkas are in a 2/4 time signature, there are some polkas in 3/4.

Title Composer Instrument Period Ratings
2 Polkas de salon, Op.23 Hermann Adolf Wollenhaupt Piano Romantic
2 Zigeuner-Polkas, Op.5 August Conradi Orchestra Romantic
3 Polkas de salon, Op.7 Bedřich Smetana Piano Romantic
3 Polkas, Op.29 Henri Cramer Piano Romantic
3 Polkas, Op.51 Ferdinand Beyer Piano Romantic
3 Polkas poétiques, Op.8 Bedřich Smetana Piano Romantic
325 Market Street Polka Louis Wallis Piano Romantic
À la bonne franquette, Polka Paul Decourcelle Piano Early 20th Century
Abbott's Polka C. D. Abbott Piano Romantic
Ada Henry Rohbock Piano Romantic
Adelina Patti Polka Rudolf Bial Piano Romantic
Aesculap-Polka, Op.130 Johann Strauss Jr Orchestra Romantic
Albion-Polka, Op.102 Johann Strauss Jr Orchestra Romantic
Alboni Polka Vincenzo Amici Piano Romantic
Alexandrinen-Polka, Op.198 Johann Strauss Jr Orchestra Romantic
Alexis-Polka lento Johann Decker-Schenk Guitar Romantic
Allen Polka Elbert Anderson Piano Romantic
Amazonen-Polka, Op.9 Johann Strauss Jr Orchestra Romantic
Ameno Resedá Ernesto Nazareth Piano Classical
Ânes et sauterelles, Op.13 Max Scherek Solo Instrument and Piano Romantic