Octet Music Recordings and Sheet Music

An octet can be a group of eight players, or a composition created for such a group. Before the 19th century, writing for eight performers was common when it came to serenades and divertimenti. However, the word 'octet' first appeared as a title for a composition with Prince Louis Ferdinand's Octet Op. 12. (for flute, clarinet, 2 horns, 2 violins, and 2 cellos). Octets can be written for string ensembles (such as Mendelssohn's Op. 20), double string quartets, only-cello octets, wind octets, or hybrid wind/string ensembles.

Title Composer Instrument Period Ratings
Double Quartet Nikolay Afanasyev String Quartet Romantic
Double Quartet No.1, Op.65 Louis Spohr String Quartet Romantic
Double Quartet No.2, Op.77 Louis Spohr String Quartet Romantic
Double Quartet No.3, Op.87 Louis Spohr String Quartet Romantic
Double Quartet No.4, Op.136 Louis Spohr Guitar Quartet Romantic
Grand Ottetto, Op.128 Ferdinand Ries Chamber group Romantic
Ingredere Francesco Corteccia Solo voice(s) Baroque
Octet Victor Bendix Chamber group Romantic
Octet for Strings, Op.15a Woldemar Bargiel String Orchestra Romantic
Octet in E-flat major Peter von Winter Chamber group Classical
Octet in F major, D. 803 Franz Schubert Orchestra Romantic
Octet in F major, D.72 Franz Schubert Wind Ensemble Romantic
Octet, Op.7 George Enescu Chamber group Romantic
Octet, Op.32 Louis Spohr Chamber group Romantic
Octet, Op.47 Heinrich Molbe Chamber group Romantic
Octet, Op.216 Carl Heinrich Carsten Reinecke Wind Ensemble Romantic
Piano Octet, Op.27 Frédéric Dolmetsch Chamber group Romantic
Pièces en harmonie Johann Went Chamber group Classical
Rajas Gabriel Malancioiu Chamber group 21st Century
Salvum fac populum tuum, Op.84 Charles-Marie Widor Chamber group Early 20th Century