Mazurka Music Recordings and Sheet Music

The mazurek, or mazurka, is a lively Polish folk dance written in a triple meter, with accent in the second or third beat. Traditionally, the mazurka features a group of two eight notes preceded by a quaver triplet, a dotted quaver, or just two ordinary eight notes. As a dance, it became popular across Europe during the 1800's, and its popularity carried over to the academic spheres, with notable composers such as Chopin writing pieces in that form. Of all the composers, Chopin in particular developed the mazurka the most, introducing counterpoint techniques, harmonic development, and technically challenging passages.

Title Composer Instrument Period Ratings
2 Mazourkas, Op.345 Carl Bohm Solo Instrument and Piano Romantic
2 Mazurka-Caprices, Op.17 Christian Cappelen Piano Romantic
2 Mazurkas, B. 16 Frédéric Chopin Piano Romantic
2 Mazurkas de Salon, Op.10 Eugène Ysaÿe Solo Instrument and Piano Early 20th Century
2 Mazurkas, Op. 19 Henri Wieniawski Violin Romantic
2 Mazurkas, Op. 40 Alexander Scriabin Piano Late 19th century
2 Mazurkas, Op.1 Cécile Chaminade Piano Romantic
2 Mazurkas, Op.2 Alexandre Daussoigne-Méhul Piano Romantic
2 Mazurkas, Op.3 Nikolay Artsybushev Piano Romantic
2 Mazurkas, Op.6 Sigismond Blumenfeld Piano Romantic
2 Mazurkas, Op.8 Yevgeny Alenev Piano Romantic
2 Mazurkas, Op.12 Henri Wieniawski Solo Instrument and Piano Romantic
2 Mazurkas, Op.15 Anatoly Lyadov Piano Romantic
2 Mazurkas, Op.31 Władysław Zeleński Piano Late 19th century
2 Mazurkas, Op.33 Homer Newton Bartlett Piano Romantic
2 Mazurkas, Op.45 Jenő Hubay Solo Instrument and Piano Romantic
2 Mazurkas, Op.70 César Cui Piano Romantic
2 pièces en forme de Mazurka, Op.12 Louis Aubert Piano Early 20th Century
3 Mazurkas, Op.4 Hans Bronsart von Schellendorff Piano Romantic
3 Mazurkas, Op.35 Felix Blumenfeld Piano Romantic