Gavotte Music Recordings and Sheet Music

The term 'gavotte' designates a more or less inconsistent genre of court dances originating in France and inspired in rural dances. It was popular during the late 16th century in the court of Louis XIV: many gavottes were composed by Lully, Rameau and Gluck. The dance was usually written in a 4/4 or 2/2 meter, though some gavottes have been written in 9/8 or 5/8. During the 19th century, a popular column dance called 'the gavotte' arose, but had no relation to the court dance.

Title Composer Instrument Period Ratings
2 Gavottes Joseph-Hector Fiocco Solo Instrument and Piano Baroque
Air and Gavotte, Op.26 Vladislav Aloiz Solo Instrument and Piano Romantic
Andante Cantabile e Gavotta, Op.1 Ernesto Centola Solo Instrument and Piano Romantic
Annette et Lubin, Op.79 Auguste Durand Piano Romantic
Biedermeier Gavotte No.3 Roderich Bass Piano Early 20th Century
Bon-Ton Gavotte George L. Wells Piano Romantic
Bransles & Le Gavottes Pierre-Francisque Caroubel Open Instrumentation Renaissance
Confidences Émile Wesly Piano 4 hands Romantic
Cortège et Gavotte, Op.43 Moritz Moszkowski Piano 4 hands Romantic
Dent de Lion Albert Wimpfheimer Piano Romantic
Der Liebe erster Traum, Op.12 Carl Zenneck Piano Romantic
Espontánea, Op. 5 Julio Salvador Sagreras Guitar Early 20th Century
Feu follet, Op.39 Paul Chabeaux Piano Romantic
Fruhlings-Gavotte Philipp Weiser Piano Early 20th Century
Gavota Manuel Ponce Piano Romantic
Gavotta, Introduzione ed Allegro, Giga Giovanni Battista Vitali Chamber group Baroque
Gavotte Edward Elgar Solo Instrument and Piano Romantic
Gavotte Jean Baptiste Lully Open Instrumentation Baroque
Gavotte Francesco Molino Guitar Classical
Gavotte Giovanni Battista Martini Chamber group Baroque