Caprice Music Recordings and Sheet Music

The term caprice (or capriccio) has been used somewhat inconsistently as a music form since the late 16th century. Whereas in the beginning it was used to design madrigals, its use during the romantic era (mainly by Paganini) gave it its current usage: a free-form piece of intense, virtuosic nature and usually a fast tempo.

Title Composer Instrument Period Ratings
2 Capricci per Violino Giovanni Battista Vitali Chamber group Baroque
2 Capriccios, Op. 47 Muzio Clementi Piano Classical
2 Caprices Leonard Butler Piano Early 20th Century
2 Caprices Marguerite Casalonga Piano Romantic
2 Caprices George Whitefield Chadwick Piano Romantic
2 Caprices Johann Philipp Kirnberger Organ Classical
2 Caprices for Violin, Op.9 Giuseppe Austri Violin Romantic
2 Caprices on Themes by Mendelssohn, Op.144 Stephen Heller Piano Romantic
2 Caprices, Op.31 Ernesto A. L. Coop Piano Classical
2 Caprices, Op.111 Joachim Raff Piano Romantic
2 Organ Pieces, Op.120 William Dawson Armstrong Organ Early 20th Century
3 Caprices de Paganini, Op.40 Karol Szymanowski Solo Instrument and Piano Romantic
3 Caprices for Violin, Op.36 Charles-Auguste de Bériot Violin Romantic
3 Caprices for Violin Solo Josephus Fodor Violin Classical
3 Caprices, Op.15 Johann Baptist Vanhal Piano Romantic
3 Caprices, Op.20 Jakob Dont Violin Romantic
3 Caprices, Op.21 Aleksey Yanshinov Violin Early 20th Century
3 Caprices, Op.24 Auguste Franchomme Solo Instrument and Piano Romantic
3 Caprices, Op.31 Johann Baptist Vanhal Piano Early 20th Century
3 Caprices, Op.33 Felix Mendelssohn Piano Romantic
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