Canzona Music Recordings and Sheet Music

The canzona is a musical form that can be traced to the 15th century Italy. In the beginning it was a monodic style, similar to the frotolla or strambotto. Later, and under the influence of the Franco-Flemish chanson, the canzona developed into its most enduring form. Canzonas are light and simple pieces, written for either soloists or groups, and characterized by their rhythmic aspect. During the 16th century many transcriptions were made for keyboard and stringed instruments, developing the canzona into an instrumental genre.

Title Composer Instrument Period Ratings
2 Canzone italiane Domenico Alaleona Chamber group Early 20th Century
2 Chansonnettes, Op.92 Theodor Kullak Piano Romantic
3 Canzonette August Winding Solo Instrument and Piano Romantic
6 Canzonets Henry Wolfgang Amadeus Beale Voice(s) and Piano Romantic
6 Canzonets William Carnaby Solo voice(s) Classical
6 Canzonettas, Op.6 (W.H 18-23) Johann Christian Bach Voice(s) and Instruments Classical
6 Canzonette, Op.10 Carl August Cannabich Voice(s) and Piano Classical
6 Canzoni, Op.9 Friedrich Kuhlau Voice(s) and Piano Classical
10 Canzonets Elizabeth Pym Cumberland Voice(s) and Piano Romantic
20 Canzonette a 4 voci Simone Verovio Choir and Instrument Renaissance
126 Quatrains du sieur de Pibrac Paschal de l'Estocart Solo voice(s) Renaissance
A la Canzona, Op.13 František Ondříček Solo Instrument and Piano Romantic
A Maria SS. Immacolata Luigi Cervi Choir and Instrument Romantic
'A risa Berarrdo Cantalamessa Voice(s) and Piano Romantic
Ah ah alas ye salt sea gods Richard Farrant Voice(s) and Instruments Renaissance
Alix avoit mal aux dens Thomas Crecquillon Solo voice(s) Renaissance
Among the Daffadillies Giles Farnaby Open Instrumentation Renaissance
Amour vault trop Pierre Attaingnant Piano Renaissance
Au monde nest plus Thomas Crecquillon Choir Renaissance
Ay Me, Poor Heart! Giles Farnaby Chamber group Renaissance