Anthem Music Recordings

The term 'Anthem' can be both used to describe a specific form of Anglican religious music, or more generally, a composition intended as a rallying symbol for a distinct group of people (for example, national anthems). Anthems are often solemn yet celebratory pieces, and sometimes a popular piece or march can be considered an anthem. According to the latter definition arises the adjective 'anthemic', referring to any piece which has that celebratory connotation.

Title Composer Instrument Period Ratings
Azerbaijan National Anthem Uzeyir Hajibeyov Solo voice(s) Early 20th Century
Choral Hymns from the Rig Veda, Op. 26 Gustav Holst Choir Early 20th Century
Divine Harmony, 12 Anthems for 4 Voices John Bishop Solo voice(s) Baroque
Hino da Maçonaria Dom Pedro I Voice(s) and Piano Romantic
I Vow Thee, My Country Gustav Holst Organ Early 20th Century
Oh Canada Calixa Lavallée Open Instrumentation Romantic
Oh Canada Calixa Lavallée Orchestra Late 19th century
Slovenian National Anthem Stanko Premrl Orchestra Late 19th century