William Wolstenholme

William Wolstenholme Music Recordings and Sheet Music

  • Born
    24th February 1865
  • Died
    23rd July 1931
  • Birthplace
    Blackburn, Lancashire, England

William Wolstenholme was an English composer and organist. Wolstenholme was the first blind musician to take the degree since John Stanley. He was a close friend of the other noted blind organist Alfred Hollins and was also well known as a recitalist. Wolstenholme's devoted sister Maud acted as his secretary and amanuensis for most of his life.

Title Form Instrument Ratings
Album of Organ Pieces Compilation Organ
Minuet and Trio Minuet Organ
The Question Piece Organ
7 Short Postludes Prelude Organ
7 Short Preludes Prelude Organ
String Quartet No.1 Quartet String Quartet
Romanza in A major Romance Organ
O Give Thanks unto the Lord Sacred Mass Choir and Instrument
Pastorale in D major Sacred Mass Organ
Violin Sonata Sonata Solo Instrument and Piano