Vincenzo Capirola Sheet Music

  • Born: 1474
  • Died:c. 1548
  • Birthplace: Brescia, Italy

Vincenzo Capirola was an Italian composer, lutenist and nobleman of the Renaissance. His music is preserved in an illuminated manuscript called the Capirola Lutebook, which is considered to be one of the most important sources of lute music of the early 16th century. He was probably from Brescia, and is known to have lived in that city for several periods of his life, although he was in Venice in 1517 and for some time after that, the period during which the illuminated manuscript was prepared. It is possible that Capirola is the famous Brescian lutenist who visited the court of Henry VIII of England, although his name was not recorded (no other virtuoso lutenists of the period, from Brescia, who were also noblemen, are known).

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