Vincent d' Indy

Vincent d' Indy Music Recordings and Sheet Music

  • Born
    27th March 1851
  • Died
    2nd December 1931
  • Birthplace
    Paris, France

Vincent d'Indy was a French composer and teacher. Inspired by his own studies with Franck and dissatisfied with the standard of teaching at the Conservatoire de Paris, he Schola Cantorum de Paris in 1894. D'Indy taught there and later at the Paris Conservatoire until his death. Among his many students wereIsaac Albéniz, Leo Arnaud, Joseph Canteloube (who later wrote d'Indy's biography), Pierre Capdevielle, Jean Daetwyler,Arthur Honegger, Eugène Lapierre, Leevi Madetoja, Albéric Magnard, Rodolphe Mathieu, Darius Milhaud, Cole Porter,Albert Roussel, Erik Satie, Georges-Émile Tanguay, Otto Albert Tichý, Emiliana de Zubeldia and Xian Xinghai. Xian was one of the earliest Chinese composers of western classical music. Few of d'Indy's works are performed regularly today. His best known pieces are probably the Symphony on a French Mountain Air (Symphonie sur un chant montagnard français, also known as Symphonie cévenole) for piano and orchestra (1886), and Istar (1896), a symphonic poem in the form of a set of variations in which the theme appears only at the end.

Title Form Instrument Ratings
Cours de Composition Musicale Books N/A
Cantate Domino, Op.22 Cantata Choir and Instrument
La Chevauchée du Cid, Op.11 Cantata Voice(s) and Orchestra
Sainte Marie Magdeleine, Op.23 Cantata Chamber group
6 Chants Populaires Français (Set 1), Op.90 Chorale Choir
6 Chants Populaires Français (Set 2), Op.100 Chorale Choir
Sur la mer, Op.32 Chorale Choir and Instrument
Concert for Piano, Flute, Cello and Strings, Op.89 Concerto Chamber group
Menuet sur le nom d’Haydn, Op.65 Dance Piano
Fantaisie sur des Thèmes Populaires Français, Op.31 Fantasy Solo Instrument(s) and Orchestra
Fantaisie sur un Vieil Air de Ronde Française, Op.99 Fantasy Piano
Madrigal, Op.4 Madrigal Voice(s) and Piano
Marche du 76ème régiment d’infanterie, Op.54 March Wind Ensemble
Deus Israel, Op.41 Motet Choir
Nocturne, Op.26 Nocturne Piano
Attendez-moi sous l’orme, Op.14 Opera / Operetta Voice(s) and Orchestra
Fervaal, Op.40 Opera / Operetta Voice(s) and Instruments
La légende de Saint-Christophe, Op.67 Opera / Operetta Voice(s) and Orchestra
Le chant de la cloche, Op.18 Opera / Operetta Voice(s) and Orchestra
Le rêve de Cinyras, Op.80 Opera / Operetta Voice(s) and Orchestra