Tiburtio Massaino

  • Born: c. 1550
  • Died: 1609
  • Birthplace: Cremona, Italy

Tiburzio Massaino (also Massaini and Tiburtio) was an Italian composer. He was an Augustinian friar in Piacenza. He became maestro di cappella at S Maria del Popolo in Rome in 1571. He moved to Modena in 1578, Lodi in 1580 and Salò in 1587 before arriving at Innsbruck in the service of Archduke Ferdinand II in 1589-1590. He is registered then in Salzburg in 1591; in Prague where he met Philippe de Monte till 1594 when he left for Piacenza and Cremona. He was again in Piacenza in 1598 before being maestro di cappella in Lodi (1600–1608). Adriano Banchieri reports he was maestro di cappella in Piacenza in 1609.

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