Télémaque Claes

Télémaque Claes Music Recordings and Sheet Music

  • Born
    1st March 1831
  • Died
    19th June 1913
  • Birthplace
    Hassel, Belgium

Joseph Horace Télémaque Claes was born in Hasselt in 1831, the second child of Ulysse and Anna Cecilia Vannes. On September 10, 1855, he married Johanna Elisabeth Gerardina of Vinckenroye, daughter of Hasselt gin distiller. Together they had two children, Edgar and Mathilde. Claes was for over thirty years owner of Herkenrode and administrator. From 1874 to 1884 he was mayor in Kuringen. Like his father and grandfather Télémaque Claes was very interested in music. He composed Chanson de Herkenrode for cello and piano. Télémaque was also for many years chairman of the Chamber of the Red Rose. Télémaque Claes died in Kuringen in 1913.

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4 Mélodies Duet Solo Instrument and Piano
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Instruments Solo Instrument and Piano
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