Samuel Brenton Whitney

Samuel Brenton Whitney Music Recordings and Sheet Music

  • Born
    4th June 1842
  • Died
    3rd August 1914
  • Birthplace
    Woodstock, Vermont, USA

Samuel Brenton Whitney (4 June 1842, Woodstock, Vermont – 3 August 1914, Brattleboro, Vermont) was a United States organist, conductor and composer. His compositions were primarily church music and chamber works.

Title Form Instrument Ratings
Canon in Octave Canon Organ
Processional Grand March, Op.25 March Organ
Tarantelle, Op.23 Piano piece Piano
Andante Piece Organ
Benedic, Anima Mea No.4 Sacred Mass Voice(s) and Instruments
Deus Misereatur Sacred Mass Voice(s) and Instruments
Pastorale in G major Sacred Mass Organ
Trio for the Organ Trio Organ