Robert Volkmann

Robert Volkmann Music Recordings and Sheet Music

  • Born
    6th April 1815
  • Died
    29th October 1883
  • Birthplace

Friedrich Robert Volkmann was a German composer. Robert Volkmann was born in Lommatzsch, Saxony, Germany. His father, a music director for a church, trained him in music to prepare him as a successor. Thus Volkmann learned to play the organ and the piano with his father, studied violin and cello with Friebel, and by age 12 he was playing the cello part in string quartets by Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven. In 1832 he entered the Freiberg Gymnasium for the purpose of becoming a teacher. There he studied music with August Ferdinand Anacker, who encouraged him to devote himself to music more fully. From there he went on to Leipzig in 1836 to study with Carl Ferdinand Becker. In Leipzig he met Robert Schumann, who encouraged him in his studies. They met again several times after that.

Title Form Instrument Ratings
Ballade and Scherzetto, Op.51 Ballade Piano
Cavatine and Barcarole, Op.19 Barcarolle Piano
Cello Concerto, Op.33 Concerto Solo Instrument(s) and Orchestra
Konzertstück, Op.42 Concerto Solo Instrument(s) and Orchestra
Deutsche Tanzweisen, Op.18 Dance Piano
Fantasie, Op.25a Fantasy Piano
Souvenir de Maroth, Op.6 Impromptu Piano
3 Marches for piano 4-hands, Op.40 March Piano 4 hands
Nocturne, Op.8 Nocturne Piano
Overture in C minor Overture Orchestra
Overture to Shakespeare's Richard III, Op.68 Overture Orchestra
Die Tageszeiten, Op.39 Piano piece Piano 4 hands
Musikalisches Bilderbuch, Op.11 Piano piece Piano 4 hands
Visegrád, Op.21 Piano piece Piano 4 hands
Wanderskizzen, Op.23 Piano piece Piano
Ungarische Skizzen, Op.24 Piece Piano 4 hands
String Quartet No.1, Op.9 Quartet String Quartet
String Quartet No.2, Op.14 Quartet String Quartet
String Quartet No.3, Op.34 Quartet String Quartet
String Quartet No.4, Op.35 Quartet String Quartet