Pierre Certon Music Recordings and Sheet Music

  • Born
    c. 1510
  • Died
    23rd February 1572
  • Birthplace
    Melun, France

Pierre Certon was a French composer of the Renaissance. He was a representative of the generation after Josquin and Mouton, and was influential in the late development of the French chanson. Certon wrote eight masses which survive, motets, psalm settings, chansons spirituelles (chansons with religious texts, related to the Italian madrigali spirituali), and numerous secular chansons. His style is relatively typical of mid-century composers, except that he was unusually attentive to large-scale form, for example framing longer masses (such as his Requiem) with very simple movements, with the inner movements showing greater tension and complexity. In addition he was skilled at varying texture between homophonic and polyphonic passages, and often changing the number and register of voices singing at any time.

Title Form Instrument Ratings
Je ne l'ose dire Chorale Choir
Je ne veulx poinct Chorale Choir
La la la je ne lo Chorale Choir
Ung laboureur Chorale Choir
Chansons Song Cycle Solo voice(s)
Contentez Vous Song Cycle Solo voice(s)
Frère Thibault Song Cycle Choir
Las sil convient Song Cycle Choir
Ung bon viellard Song Cycle Choir