Paul Juon

Paul Juon Music Recordings and Sheet Music

  • Born
    6th March 1872
  • Died
    21st August 1940
  • Birthplace
    Moscow, Russia

Paul Juon was a Russian-born Swiss composer. His works include sonatas for viola, cello, winds, and three for violin (the third was recorded on a multi-LP set called Musik zwischen den Kriegen : eine Berliner Dokumentation), four symphonies (including one in manuscript) and also a chamber symphony, four string quartets, several piano trios, piano quartets and piano quintets as well as one sextet for piano and strings from 1902 and a wind quintet, a number of concerted works including three violin concerti and a triple concerto with piano trio, many piano works and lieder, and a number of stage works including an opera Aleko.

Title Form Instrument Ratings
3 Bagatelles for Violin and Piano, Op.19 Bagatelle Solo Instrument and Piano
Präludien und Capricen, Op.26 Caprice Piano
Episodes Concertantes, Op.45 Concerto Solo Instrument(s) and Orchestra
Violin Concerto No.2, Op.49 Concerto Solo Instrument(s) and Orchestra
Intime Harmonieen, Op.30 Impromptu Piano
Märchen, Op.8 March Solo Instrument and Piano
4 Miniaturen, Op.48 Piano piece Piano
6 Piano Pieces, Op.12 Piano piece Piano
6 Skizzen, Op.1 Piano piece Piano
10 Esquisses, Op.55 Piano piece Piano
Aus alter Zeit, Op.68 Piano piece Piano 4 hands
Den Kindern zum Lauschen, Op.38 Piano piece Piano
Moments lyriques, Op.56 Piano piece Piano
Satyre und Nymphen, Op.18 Piano piece Piano
Schelmenweisen, Op.46 Piano piece Piano
Tanzrhythmen I and II, Op.14 Piano piece Piano 4 hands
Tanzrhythmen III, IV and V, Op.24 Piano piece Piano 4 hands
Tanzrhythmen VI and VII, Op.41 Piano piece Piano 4 hands
2 Kleine Stücke for Violin and Piano, Op.52 Piece Solo Instrument and Piano
5 Stücke für Streichorchester, Op.16 Piece String Orchestra