Orazio Benevoli

Orazio Benevoli Music Recordings and Sheet Music

  • Born
    19th April 1605
  • Died
    17th June 1672
  • Birthplace
    Rome, Italy

Orazio Benevolo or Benevoli was a Franco-Italian composer of large scaled polychoral sacred choral works. He was born in Rome, to a French baker and confectioner, Robert Venouot, which name was Italianized to Benevolo. Benevolo was a choirboy at San Luigi dei Francesi in Rome(1617–23). Later, he assumed posts as maestro di cappella at Santa Maria in Trastevere (from 1624); then, at Santo Spirito in Sassia (from 1630); and, eventually, at his old church, San Luigi dei Francesi (from 1638). Benevolo served as Kapellmeister in the court of Archduke Leopold Wilhelm of Austria from 1644 to 1646.

Title Form Instrument Ratings
Laudate coeli Sacred Mass Solo voice(s)
Missa a 4 Cori Sacred Mass Choir
Missa Si Deus pro nobis Sacred Mass Choir
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Instruments Choir · Solo voice(s)
Forms Sacred Mass