Luis Antonio Calvo

Luis Antonio Calvo Music Recordings and Sheet Music

  • Born
    28th August 1882
  • Died
    22nd April 1945
  • Birthplace
    Gámbita, Santander, Colombia

Luis Antonio Calvo was a Colombian composer considered one of the most important in his country. The work of Luis Antonio Calvo consists of a huge number of musical compositions in various genres, both Colombian and foreign. It is impossible to make a complete list of the creations of this prolific composer.

Title Form Instrument Ratings
Adiós a Bogotá (Danza) Dance Piano
Carmiña (Danza) Dance Piano
Intermezzo No.1 Intermezzi Piano
Lejano Azul Intermezzi Piano
Cupido (Marcha para Piano) March Piano
Anhelos Piano piece Piano
Entusiasmo (Pasillo) Piano piece Piano
Una Noche en París Piano piece Piano