Louis Aubert

Louis Aubert Music Recordings and Sheet Music

  • Born
    19th February 1877
  • Died
    9th January 1968
  • Birthplace
    Paramé, France

Louis François Marie Aubert was a French composer.

Title Form Instrument Ratings
Matin de Pâques Cantata Voice(s) and Piano
Habanera Dance Orchestra
Introduction et allegro Duet Solo Instrument and Piano
Fantaisie, Op.8 Fantasy Piano and orchestra
Madrigal, Op.9 Madrigal Solo Instrument and Piano
2 pièces en forme de Mazurka, Op.12 Mazurka Piano
Pie Jesu Motet Voice(s) and Instruments
La forêt bleue Opera / Operetta Voice(s) and Orchestra
3 Esquisses, Op.7 Piano piece Piano
Esquisse sur le nom de Fauré Piano piece Piano
Lutins, Op.11 Piano piece Piano
Sillages, Op.27 Piano piece Piano
Romance, Op.2 Romance Piano
O Salutaris Sacred Mass Voice(s) and Instruments
Sérénade Serenade / Divertimento / Cassation Voice(s) and Piano
6 poèmes arabes Song Cycle Voice(s) and Piano
Chanson de mer Song Cycle Voice(s) and Piano
Crépuscules d’automne Song Cycle Voice(s) and Piano
Déclaration Song Cycle Voice(s) and Piano
Hélène Song Cycle Voice(s) and Piano