Joseph Weigl

Joseph Weigl Sheet Music

  • Born: 28th March 1766
  • Died: 3rd February 1846
  • Birthplace: Austria

Joseph Weigl was an Austrian composer and conductor, born in Eisenstadt,Hungary, Austrian Empire. The son of Joseph Franz Weigl (1740–1820), the principal cellist in the orchestra of the Esterházy family, he was born in Eisenstadt and studied music under Johann Georg Albrechtsberger and Antonio Salieri. He becameKapellmeister at the court theatre in Vienna in 1792, and from 1827 to 1838 was vice-Kapellmeister of the court. Weigl composed a number of operas, both Italian and German and in various genres, although most of his late works are pieces of sacred music. His best known work was the opera Die Schweizerfamilie. He died in Vienna.

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