Josef Bayer

Josef Bayer Music Recordings and Sheet Music

  • Born
    6th March 1852
  • Died
    12th March 1913
  • Birthplace
    Vienna, Austria

Josef Bayer was an Austrian composer and the director of the Austrian Court Ballet from 1883 until his death. He was born and died in Vienna. He studied at the Vienna Conservatory under the elder Josef Hellmesberger, Anton Bruckner and Otto Dessoff, and was a violinist in the Wiener Hofoper (the Vienna Court Opera Orchestra), 1870-1898.

Title Form Instrument Ratings
Das Bilderbuch Ballet Orchestra
Die Puppenfee Ballet Orchestra
Rouge et noir Ballet Orchestra
Rund um Wien Ballet Orchestra
Ein Tanz-Märchen March Orchestra
Thalia Polka Piano
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Instruments Orchestra · Piano
Forms Ballet · March · Polka