John Ward

  • Born: 9th May 1571
  • Died: 1638
  • Birthplace: England

John Ward was an English composer. Born in Canterbury, John Ward was a chorister at Canterbury Cathedral. He appears to have stayed in Canterbury until at least 1607 and then went to London where he served Sir Henry Fanshawe (1569–1616) as a musician. In 1601 Fanshawe had succeeded his father as remembrancer of the exchequer(a role which he was to pass to his own son). The Fanshawe family appear to have employed more than one person called John Ward (if so, the other was possibly the composer's father), which makes some details of the composer's life difficult to establish. One important stage in his career was the publication of his "first set" of madrigals in 1613. It was printed by Thomas Snodham and dedicated to his patron. His output includes at least one lament for Henry Frederick, Prince of Wales, who was on good terms with Fanshawe.