Johan David Zander

Johan David Zander Music Recordings and Sheet Music

  • Born
    c. 1753
  • Died
    21st February 1796
  • Birthplace

Johan David Zander was a Swedish violinist and composer. Zander became in 1773 a violinist in the court orchestra in Stockholm and in 1787 its concertmaster. Around 1784, he succeeded Johann Christian Friedrich Hæffner as orchestra leader at Stenborgs Swedish Comiska Theater in Humlegarden in Stockholm. He created music for several vådeviller, which Coppersmith (1781), niggardly savings and hell takes (1784), Cutting beer or Kronofogdarne (1787) Overture to Lisette, opéra comique (1788), The hilarious night or Happiness is the djerfve bi (1791 ) The women and trust (1792), overture to the seduced girl. In addition, he composed string quartets, sinfonias and a range of ballads.

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Instruments Orchestra
Forms Symphony