Music by Joaquín Valverde

Born: 27th February 1846

Died: 17th March 1910

Birthplace: Badajoz, Spain

Joaquín Valverde was born in the Estremaduran capital of Badajoz, near the Portuguese border, on 27 February 1846, Valverde studied at the Madrid Conservatory under José Aranguren (harmony), Pedro Sarmiento (flute) and - most importantly - composition under Emilio Arrieta. A precociously brilliant flautist, he played in military bands and at the Teatro del Príncipe as early as 1859, and won first prize at the Conservatory in 1867. In 1870 he added the prize for composition, but he never achieved a permanent teaching post there, despite writing two standard flautists' manuals (1874 and 1886). Instead he earned his living between 1871 and 1889 conducting theatre orchestras in the capital. His forgotten orchestral works include two Symphonies, but the majority of his works were theatrical, and largely collaborative. The long list of his theatrical partners includes Caballero, Julián Romea,Chapí, Arturo Saco del Valle, José Rogel, Bretón andTorregrosa.