Jacques Féréol Mazas

Jacques Féréol Mazas Music Recordings and Sheet Music

  • Born
    23rd September 1782
  • Died
    26th August 1849
  • Birthplace
    Lavaur, France

Jacques Féréol Mazas was a French composer, conductor, violinist, and pedagogue.

Title Form Instrument Ratings
Méthode de Violon, Op.34 Books Violin
6 Violin Duos, Op.39 Duet Chamber group
6 Violin Duos, Op.40 Duet Chamber group
6 Violin Duos, Op.41 Duet Chamber group
9 Duos élémentaires, Op.86 Duet Chamber group
12 Petits duos progressifs, Op.70 Duet Chamber group
12 Violin Duos, Op.38 Duet Chamber group
39 Violin Duos, Op.85 Duet Chamber group
Etudes, Op.36 Etude Violin
Elégie, Op.73 Funeral Music Solo Instrument and Piano
3 String Quartets, Op.7 Quartet String Quartet
3 Trios, Op.18 Trio String Trio