Hugo Riesenfeld

Hugo Riesenfeld Music Recordings and Sheet Music

  • Born
    26th January 1879
  • Died
    10th September 1939
  • Birthplace
    Vienna, Austria

Hugo Riesenfeld was an Austrian-American composer. As a film director, he began to write his own orchestral compositions for silent films in 1917, and co-created modern production techniques where film scoring serves an integral part of the action. Riesenfeld composed about 100 film scores in his career. His most successful compositions were for Cecil B. DeMille's Joan the Woman (1917), The Ten Commandments (1923) and The King of Kings (1927); D. W. Griffith's Abraham Lincoln (1930); and the original scores to F. W. Murnau's Sunrise (1927) and Tabu (1931).

Title Form Instrument Ratings
Album of Twelve Pieces for the Pianoforte by Bohemian Composers Compilation Piano
Agitato Theatrical / Incidental Orchestra
Battle Music Theatrical / Incidental Orchestra
Western Allegro Theatrical / Incidental Orchestra