Hugo Reinhold Music Recordings and Sheet Music

  • Born
    3rd March 1854
  • Died
    4th September 1935
  • Birthplace
    Vienna, Austria

Hugo Reinhold was an Austrian composer and pianist. He was admitted to the Conservatorium der Musikfreunde, where he studied under Anton Bruckner, Felix Dessoff and Julius Epstein, among others. He left the conservatory at the age of 20, and later taught piano at the Akademie der Tonkunst in Vienna. During his lifetime he was quite popular and his works were performed by the Vienna Philharmonic and the Hellmesberger Quartet.

Title Form Instrument Ratings
2 Etudes, Op.20 Etude Piano
Phantasie, Op.40 Fantasy Piano
Traumbilder, Op.63 Fantasy Piano
3 Impromptus, Op.28 Impromptu Piano
Intermezzo scherzoso, Op.29 Intermezzi Orchestra
Konzertstücke, Op.19 Piano piece Piano
Miniaturbilder, Op.39 Piano piece Piano
Polonaise und Walzer, Op.37 Polonaise Piano
Praeludium, Menuett und Fuge, Op.10 Prelude (or other movement) and Fugue String Orchestra
Serenade No.2, Op.31 Serenade / Divertimento / Cassation Solo Instrument and Piano
Violin Sonata, Op.24 Sonata Solo Instrument and Piano
2 Lieder für Männerchor, Op.11 Song Cycle Choir
Suite for Piano and Strings, Op.7 Suite Solo Instrument(s) and Orchestra