Hermann Ludwig Eichborn Sheet Music

Hermann Ludwig Eichborn was a German musician, author and composer Moritz Brosig and the organist Emil Bohn were his teachers. In 1883 and 1884 he premiered three operas. Eichborn was an excellent horn and trumpet player, experimented with wind instruments, composed and worked as a conductor and music writer. He was a remarkable professor of horn and trumpet. He collaborated in works for some time with the builder of wind instruments Heidrich, creating a new type of horn-like Oktavia Waldhorn adopted by the German military bands. As a composer wrote Drei auf einen Schlag operettas, Zopf und Krummstab, Blaue Kinder. He composed a lot of music for piano, lieder and concert pieces for different instruments, marches and dance music for orchestra and band. Among his major writings are: Die Trompete und neuer Zeit in alter, Beitrag zur Geschichte der Instrumentalmusik, Ueber das bei Oktavierungsprincip Blechinstrumenten Das alte Klarinblasenauf Trompeten or Die Dámpfung beim Horn.

  • Born: 30th October 1847
  • Died: 15th April 1918
  • Birthplace: Breslau, Germany