Gustav Flügel

Gustav Flügel Sheet Music

  • Born: 2nd July 1812
  • Died: 15th August 1900
  • Birthplace: Nienburg, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany

Carl Gustav Flügel was a German organist and composer. Began to study music in Kothen, then learned with Altenburg Cantor Thiele, father of the famous organist. In 1827-1830 gg. learned to play the organ with Friedrich Schneider in Dessau. In 1828, he composed his first work: "The way to forge", for soloists, chorus and piano, with words by Friedrich Schiller from a ballad of the same name. After finishing his studies, flyugel taught in different years in Nienburg, Bernburg, Köthen, Magdeburg. From 1859 and for nearly 40 years flyugel was organist at the church of Stettin castle. To this period belong mainly his organ works, including The Book of Preludes (Ger. Präludienbuch) Op. 72, as well as choral and vocal works. He retired in 1898.