Granville Bantock

Granville Bantock Music Recordings and Sheet Music

  • Born
    7th August 1868
  • Died
    16th October 1946
  • Birthplace
    London, England

Sir Granville Bantock was a British composer of classical music. Three books have been published on Granville Bantock. The first was authored by his long-time (and long suffering) friend and 'secretary', 'Colonel' H. O. Anderton for the Living Masters of Music series in 1915. It is a very dry but useful book. The second is a 'personal portrait' by Bantock's daughter, published by Dent in 1972. It is an engaging read and contains a number of photographs. The third, An Introduction to the Life and Work of Sir Granville Bantock by Vincent Budd, was published in 2000, by Gnosis Press. It is also illustrated and contains a discographical guide. A larger volume is in progress.The Bantock Society published a Journal between 1996 and 1999 and its issues contained a number of articles on the composer. There are also numerous other published pieces scattered in various magazines and journals. A Doctoral thesis by Trevor Bray, written in 1972, is very useful as a record of Bantock's musical output. A collection of the composer's letters to Muriel Mann, with whom he had an affair between 1936 and 1940, was published in May 2013 by her granddaughter Katherine de Marne Werner, with the title "My Dear Rogue".

Title Form Instrument Ratings
Atalanta in Calydon Anthem Choir
Fanfare for 4 Trumpets Fanfare Wind Ensemble
The Frogs Overture Orchestra
The Pierrot of the Minute Overture Orchestra
Silhouettes Piano piece Piano
Hamabdil Piece Chamber group
Pibroch Piece Solo Instrument and Piano
Sonata for Viola and Piano Sonata Solo Instrument and Piano
5 Ghazals of Hafiz Song Cycle Voice(s) and Instruments
5 Songs Song Cycle Voice(s) and Piano
5 Songs from the Chinese Poets, 1st Series Song Cycle Voice(s) and Piano
5 Songs from the Chinese Poets, 2nd Series Song Cycle Voice(s) and Piano
100 Folksongs of All Nations Song Cycle Voice(s) and Piano
Songs of Egypt Song Cycle Voice(s) and Piano
The Vale of Arden Song Cycle Voice(s) and Orchestra
A Pageant of Human Life Suite Choir
Old English Suite Suite Piano
Celtic Poem Symphonic Pieces Solo Instrument(s) and Orchestra
Electra Symphonic Pieces Choir and Instrument
Omar Khayyám Symphonic Pieces Choir and Orchestra