Giulio  Regondi

Giulio Regondi Music Recordings and Sheet Music

  • Born
  • Died
    6th May 1872
  • Birthplace
    Geneva or Lyon

Giulio Regondi (1822 in either Geneva or Lyon – in London) was an Italian classical guitarist, concertinist and composer. Regondi was a child prodigy. Fernando Sor dedicated his Souvenir d'amitié, op. 46 to Regondi in 1831, when the boy was just nine. There is a reference to his appearing in London in 1831, presented as a child prodigy of the guitar. Most of Regondi's music was written for the English system concertina however, at which he was a virtuoso, though his guitar music is probably better known. His works for solo guitar comprise a set of etudes and five larger works.

Title Form Instrument Ratings
Air Varie, Op.21 Aria / Arietta Guitar
Air Varie, Op.22 Aria / Arietta Guitar
Introduction et Caprice, Op.23 Caprice Guitar
Etude no. 6 Etude Guitar
Etude No.3 Etude Guitar
Etude No.4 Etude Guitar
Reverie - Nocturne, Op.19 Nocturne Guitar
Fete Villageoise, Op.20 Rondo Guitar