Giovanni Croce

Giovanni Croce Music Recordings and Sheet Music

  • Born
  • Died
    15th May 1609
  • Birthplace
    Chioggia, Italy

Giovanni Croce (also Ioanne a Cruce Clodiensis, Zuanne Chiozotto) was an Italian composer of the late Renaissance, of the Venetian School. He was particularly prominent as a madrigalist, one of the few among the Venetians other than Monteverdi. Croce wrote less music in the grand polychoral style than Andrea and Giovanni Gabrieli, although he left a grand mass for four choirs, composed for Ferdinand of Austria (the future Emperor Ferdinand II) and several triple-choir Psalm settings (only one of which has survived), and as a result his music has not maintained the same fame to the present day; however he was renowned as a composer at the time, and was a large influence on music both in Italy and abroad. As a composer of sacred music he was mostly conservative, writing cori spezzati in the manner of Adrian Willaert, and parody masses more like the music composed by the members of the contemporary Roman School.

Title Form Instrument Ratings
Canzon del Cucco e Rossignuolo Canzona Choir
Canzonette a tre voci Canzona Solo voice(s)
Triaca musicale Canzona Solo voice(s)
Madrigals, Book 1 Madrigal Choir
O gramo Pantalon mal arrivao (ecco à 6) Madrigal Choir
Motets for 8 voices, 1603 Motet Choir
Motets for 8 voices, 1605 Motet Choir
Motets for 8 voices, 1607 Motet Choir
7 Psalmi poenitentiales Sacred Mass Solo voice(s)
Benedicam Dominum Sacred Mass Chamber group
Buccinate in Neomenia tuba Sacred Mass Choir
Cantate Domino Sacred Mass Choir
Exaltabo te Domine Sacred Mass Solo voice(s)
Exaudi Deus Sacred Mass Choir
Incipite domino in timpanis Sacred Mass Choir
Lasciatemi mirar Sacred Mass Choir
Mascheratta de Gratiani Sacred Mass Choir
O sacrum convivium Sacred Mass Solo voice(s)
Sacrae Cantiones Sacred Mass Solo voice(s)
Virtute magna reddebant Apostoli Sacred Mass Solo voice(s)