Giles Farnaby Music Recordings and Sheet Music

  • Born
    c. 1563
  • Died
    c. 25th November 1640

Giles Farnaby was an English composer and virginalist of the Renaissance and Baroque periods. Farnaby is considered one of the great English virginalists, together with William Byrd, John Bull, Orlando Gibbons, Peter Philips and Thomas Tomkins among others. Unlike them however, he is the only one not to have been a professional musician. His best known works are included in the Fitzwilliam Virginal Book, which contains 52 of his pieces. Notable among them are 11 fantasias, a wonderful and technically demanding set of variations calledWoody-Cock, and short but charming descriptive pieces such as Giles Farnabys Dreame, His Rest, Farnabyes Conceit and His Humour. There are also four pieces by his son, Richard. His entire keyboard works and a biography are available in a modern edition. In addition to his keyboard compositions, Farnaby also composed madrigals, canzonets and psalms.

Title Form Instrument Ratings
Loth to Depart Books Piano
Among the Daffadillies Canzona Open Instrumentation
Ay Me, Poor Heart! Canzona Chamber group
Blind Love was Shooting Canzona Open Instrumentation
Daphne on the Rainbow Riding Canzona Open Instrumentation
Lady, When I Behold Your Passions Canzona Open Instrumentation
Pearce did Love Fair Petronel Canzona Open Instrumentation
Sometime She Would Chorale Choir
Alman for 2 Virginals Dance Chamber group
Almande à 6 Dance Open Instrumentation
Nobodys Jigg, FWB CXLIX Dance Piano
Spagnioletta 'LIV' Dance Open Instrumentation
Spagnoletta Dance Piano
Witness, Ye Heavens Octet Voice(s) and Instruments
A Maske, FWB CXCIX Piano piece Piano
A Toye Piano piece Piano
Fayne would I Wedd, FWB CXCVII Piano piece Piano
Pawles Wharfe Piano piece Piano
Tell Me, Daphne Piano piece Piano
The Old Spagnoletta Piano piece Piano