Giacobbe Basevi Cervetto Sheet Music

  • Born: 1682
  • Died: 14th January 1783
  • Birthplace: Livorno, Italy

Giacobbe Cervetto was an Anglo-Italian musician who was an important classical cellist and composer of Baroque music for cello in 18th century England. Giacobbe Bassevi il Cervetto was born into a Jewish family in Livorno in 1682. He moved to London in 1739 and was a leading musical figure there for decades, an excellent cellist, and a dealer in musical instruments and strings. He was a regular in Handel's orchestra. His son, James Cervetto, was also a noted cellist. Giacobbe eventually converted to Anglicanism. His extant works include solos, duos and trios for multiple cellos with basso continuo. He became a centenarian in 1782 and died the following year.

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