Georgy Catoire

Georgy Catoire Music Recordings and Sheet Music

  • Born
    27th April 1861
  • Died
    21st May 1926
  • Birthplace
    Moscow, Russia

Georgy Lvovich Catoire was a Russian composer of French heritage. Today he is very little known, although a few recordings exist of his piano works by Marc-André Hamelin, Anna Zassimova and Alexander Goldenweiser, and David Oistrakh and Laurent Breuninger recorded the complete violin music. His music has a certain semblance to the works of Tchaikovsky, the early works of Scriabin, and the music of Fauré. Catoire's compositions demand not only high virtuosity but also an ear for instrumental colour.

Title Form Instrument Ratings
Caprice, Op.3 Caprice Piano
Piano Concerto, Op.21 Concerto Piano and orchestra
Etude, Op.8 Etude Piano
Tempest Etude, Op.35 Etude Piano
Elegie for Piano and Violin, Op.26 Funeral Music Solo Instrument and Piano
3 Pieces, Op.2 Piano piece Piano
4 Pieces, Op.12 Piano piece Piano
4 Pieces, Op.34 Piano piece Piano
5 Pieces, Op.10 Piano piece Piano
6 Pieces, Op.6 Piano piece Piano
Chants du crépuscule, Op.24 Piano piece Piano
4 Preludes, Op.17 Prelude Piano
Prelude et Fugue, Op.25 Prelude Organ
Piano Quartet, Op.31 Quartet Chamber group
String Quartet, Op.23 Quartet String Quartet
String Quintet, Op.16 Quartet String Quartet
Piano Quintet, Op.28 Quintet Chamber group
4 Romances, Op.1 Romance Voice(s) and Piano
Violin Sonata No.1, Op.15 Sonata Solo Instrument and Piano
Violin Sonata No.2, Op.20 Sonata Solo Instrument and Piano