George Elbridge Whiting

George Elbridge Whiting Music Recordings and Sheet Music

  • Born
    14th September 1840
  • Died
    14th October 1923
  • Birthplace

George Elbridge Whiting was an American composer of classical music. Born in Holliston, Massachusetts, he founded the Beethoven Society in Hartford, Connecticut when he was fifteen years old. He moved to Boston, Massachusetts in 1862 and later to New York City. Whiting was a student of George Washbourne Morgan. He went to Liverpool, England, and studied withWilliam Thomas Best. He later studied in Berlin with Carl August Haupt (harmony), Robert Radecke (orchestration), and others.

Title Form Instrument Ratings
Dream Pictures, Op.19 Cantata Choir and Instrument
Henry of Navarre, Op.48 Cantata Choir and Orchestra
The Tale of the Viking Cantata Choir and Orchestra
Free Lances Chorale Choir and Orchestra
First Studies for the Organ, Book 2 Etude Organ
Organ Accompaniment and Extempore Playing, Op.50 Etude Organ
First Six Months on the Organ March Organ
March of the Monks of Bangor March Choir and Orchestra
2 Compositions for Organ, Op.53 Piece Organ
Pastorale Piece Organ
Processional Prelude Prelude Organ
Processional Prelude for a Solemn Mass Prelude Organ
Asperges Me Sacred Mass Choir and Instrument
Sancta Maria Sacred Mass Organ
Veni Creator Sacred Mass Choir and Instrument
Grand Sonata, Op.25 Sonata Organ
6 Songs Song Voice(s) and Piano