Frederick Brandeis

Frederick Brandeis Music Recordings and Sheet Music

  • Born
    5th July 1832
  • Died
    14th May 1899
  • Birthplace
    Vienna, Austria

Frederick Brandeis was a Musician. He studied at the University of Vienna, and received instruction in the piano from Fischhof, Czerny, and Pyrkert, and in composition from Rufinatscha. During the Revolution of 1848 Frederick's father, Emanuel Brandeis (afterward a prominent teacher in New York; died 1873), lost his fortune and emigrated to America. There the son was at once thrown upon his own resources. His talents, however, secured for him the recognition of artists; and he soon received engagements as a pianist, in which capacity he made several tours throughout the country, notably one with William Vincent Wallace, the famous violinist, in 1849.

Title Form Instrument Ratings
Das versunkene kloster, Op.63b Ballade Voice(s) and Orchestra
Canzonetta Canzona Solo Instrument and Piano
Capriccietto in G-flat major Caprice Piano
Caprice 'Album Leaf', Op.37 Caprice Piano
Caprice brillante, Op.40 Caprice Piano
Tarantelle-caprice, Op.64 Caprice Piano
Humpty Dumpty's Funeral March, Op.70 Funeral Music Piano
Gavotte, Op.53 Gavotte Piano
Gavottina Gavotte Piano
Echoes Madrigal Choir
6 Characteristic Pieces, Op.65 Piano piece Piano
6 Piano Pieces, Op.57 Piano piece Piano
Albumblatt, Op.46 Piano piece Piano
Forget Me Not, Op.4 Piano piece Piano
Glückliche Rückkehr, Op.5 Piano piece Piano
Polka Humoresque, Op.68 Polka Piano
Polonaise, Op.52 Polonaise Piano
Stray Leaves, Op.69 Polonaise Piano
Festival Tantum Ergo, Op.63a Sacred Mass Chamber group
Scherzo, Op.28 Scherzo Piano