Francisco Guerrero

Francisco Guerrero Music Recordings and Sheet Music

  • Born
    c. 4th October 1528
  • Died
    8th November 1599

Francisco Guerrero was a Spanish composer of the Renaissance. He was born and died in Seville. Guerrero's music was both sacred and secular, unlike that of Victoria and Morales, the two other Spanish 16th-century composers of the first rank. He wrote numerous secular songs and instrumental pieces, in addition to masses, motets, and Passions. He was able to capture an astonishing variety of moods in his music, from ecstasy to despair, longing, joy, and devotional stillness; his music remained popular for hundreds of years, especially in cathedrals in Latin America. Stylistically he preferred homophonic textures, rather like his Spanish contemporaries, and he wrote memorable, singable lines. One interesting feature of his style is how he anticipated functional harmonic usage: there is a case of a Magnificat discovered in Lima, Peru, once thought to be an anonymous 18th century work, which turned out to be a work of his.

Title Form Instrument Ratings
Canite Tuba Canzona Organ
Beata Dei genitrix Chorale Choir
A un niño llorando Motet Choir
Gabriel Archangelus Motet Solo voice(s)
Gloriose confessor Motet Choir
Los Reyes Motet Solo voice(s)
Niño Dios d'amor herido Motet Solo voice(s)
Oy, Joseph Motet Solo voice(s)
Pastores loquebantur ad invicem Motet Solo voice(s)
Todo quanto pudo dar Motet Voice(s) and Instruments
Missa Dormendo un giorno Sacred Mass Solo voice(s)
Missa Surge Propera Sacred Mass Solo voice(s)
Rorate coeli Sacred Mass Solo voice(s)
Salve Regina Sacred Mass Solo voice(s)
Canciones y villanescas espirituales Song Cycle Choir