Ferdinand Quentin Dulcken

Ferdinand Quentin Dulcken Music Recordings and Sheet Music

  • Born
    1st June 1837
  • Died
    10th December 1901
  • Birthplace
    London, England

Ferdinand Quentin Dulcken was an English musician. A son of Luise David Dulcken the singer, and nephew of Ferdinand David. He attained a considerable renown as a pianist. He was a pupil of Mendelssohn, Moscheles, Gade, Hauptmann, Richter, Plaidy and Joachim in theory, of Becker on the organ and afterwards of F. Hiller at the Leipsic Conservatory. He was professor at the Warsaw Conservatory for five years and later toured Europe in concert with Vieuxtemps and other artists. He toured the United States, in 1876, with Remenyi and Joseffy, and lived for some time in New York. Dulcken wrote an opera, Wieslav; a solemn mass; cantatas; songs (about two hundred in all), and many pianoforte pieces. He died in Astoria, N. Y.

Title Form Instrument Ratings
Canon en forme de Marche, Op.127 Canon Piano
Etude in Double Notes, Op.117 Etude Piano
La Nuit de Mai, Op.108 Etude Piano
M'aimes-tu?, Op.109 Fantasy Piano
Padre Martini's Gavotte Gavotte Piano
Oriental March, Op.173 March Piano
Minuet de Boccherini, Op.107 Minuet Piano
Minuetto Serioso Minuet Piano
Humoresque, Op.133 Piano piece Piano
Cazeneuve's Favorite Polka, Op.112 Polka Piano
Merry Christmas Rondino, Op.131 Rondo Piano
Ave Maria, Op.129 Sacred Mass Voice(s) and Piano
Messe solennelle, Op.145 Sacred Mass Choir and Instrument
The Throne of Grace, Op.207 Sacred Mass Voice(s) and Piano
Veni Creator Spiritus, Op.172 Sacred Mass Voice(s) and Instruments
2 Juvenile Songs Song Cycle Voice(s) and Piano
Golden Childhood, Op.124 Song Cycle Voice(s) and Instruments
The Royal May! Song Cycle Voice(s) and Piano
Valse de concert, Op.136 Waltz Piano