Felix Draeseke

Felix Draeseke Music Recordings and Sheet Music

  • Born
    7th October 1835
  • Died
    26th February 1913
  • Birthplace
    Coburg, Germany

Felix August Bernhard Draeseke was a composer of the "New German School" admiring Liszt and Richard Wagner. He wrote compositions in most forms including eight operas and stage works, four symphonies, and much vocal and chamber music. During his life, and the period shortly following his death, the music of Draeseke was held in high regard, even among his musical opponents. His compositions were performed frequently in Germany by the leading artists of the day, including Hans von Bülow, Arthur Nikisch, Fritz Reiner, and Karl Böhm. However, as von Bülow once remarked to him, he was a "harte Nuß" ("a hard nut to crack") and despite the quality of his works, he would "never be popular among the ordinary". Draeseke could be sharply critical and this sometimes led to strained relations, the most notorious instance being with Richard Strauss, when Draeseke attacked Strauss’s Salome in his 1905 pamphlet Die Konfusion in der Musik — rather surprising, as Draeseke was a clear influence on the young Strauss.

Title Form Instrument Ratings
Helges Treue, Op.1 Ballade Voice(s) and Piano
Die Lehre von der Harmonia Books N/A
18 Canons for Piano 4-Hands, Op.37 Canon Piano 4 hands
Kanonische Rätsel, Op. 42 Canon Piano 4 hands
4 Geistliche Gesänge, Op.57 Chorale Choir
Osterszene aus Goethe's 'Faust', Op.39 Chorale Voice(s) and Orchestra
Schwur im Rütli, WoO 9 Chorale Voice(s) and Orchestra
Piano Concerto, Op.36 Concerto Piano and orchestra
Violin Concerto, WoO 15 Concerto Violin
Adagio for Horn and Piano, Op.31 Duet Solo Instrument and Piano
Requiem, Op. 22 Funeral Music Voice(s) and Orchestra
Germania-Marsch, WoO 3c March Orchestra
Der Mönch von Bonifazio, Op.74 Melodrama Voice(s) and Piano
Gudrun, WoO 14 Opera / Operetta Voice(s) and Orchestra
Merlin, WoO 30 Opera / Operetta Voice(s) and Orchestra
Christi Weihe, Op.71 Oratorio Voice(s) and Orchestra
Christus, Opp.70-73 Oratorio Voice(s) and Orchestra
Tod und Sieg des Herrn, Op.73 Oratorio Voice(s) and Orchestra
Academische Festouvertüre, Op.63 Overture Orchestra
Jubel-Ouvertüre, Op.65 Overture Orchestra