Émile Waldteufel

Émile Waldteufel Music Recordings and Sheet Music

  • Born
    9th December 1837
  • Died
    12th February 1915
  • Birthplace
    Strasbourg, France

Émile Waldteufel was a French pianist, conductor and composer of dance music. Émile Waldteufel (German for forest devil) was born in Strasbourg to a Jewish Alsatian family of musicians. The original surname of the family was Lévy. His father Louis had a respected orchestra, and his brother Léon was a successful performer. When Léon won a place to study violin performance at the Conservatoire de Paris, the family followed him there. It was in Paris that Waldteufel spent the rest of his life.

Title Form Instrument Ratings
La barcarolle, Op.178 Barcarolle Orchestra
Violettes, Op.148 Dance Orchestra
Galop prestissimo, Op.152 Galop Orchestra
Grande vitesse, Op.146 Galop Orchestra
Minuit, Op.168 Minuet Orchestra
Bella bocca, Op.163 Polka Orchestra
Bella, Op.113 Polka Orchestra
Camarade, Op.197 Polka Orchestra
Carolinen-Polka, Op.124 Polka Orchestra
Dans le bois, Op.119 Polka Orchestra
En garde, Op.189 Polka Orchestra
Les bohémiens, Op.216 Polka Orchestra
L’Esprit français, Op.182 Polka Orchestra
Ma voisine, Op.206 Polka Orchestra
Trictrac-Polka, Op.181 Polka Orchestra
À Toi, Op.150 Waltz Orchestra
Acclamations, Op.223 Waltz Orchestra
Autrefois, Op.167 Waltz Orchestra
Chantilly, Op.171 Waltz Orchestra
Dolores-Waltz, Op.170 Waltz Orchestra