Emil Adamič

Emil Adamič Music Recordings and Sheet Music

  • Born
    25th December 1877
  • Died
    6th December 1936
  • Birthplace
    Dobrova, Slovenia

Emil Adamič was among the most productive Slovenian composers. He wrote choral and orchestral music, altogether over 1,000 works. He studied at conservatories in Trieste and Ljubljana.During the First World War, he was a prisoner of war in Tashkent. His works include the orchestral pieces Tatarska suita (Tatar Suite, 1918) and Ljubljanski akvareli (Ljubljana Watercolours, 1925) and the choral compositions Vragova nevesta (The Devil's Bride, 1925) and Smrt carja Samuela (The Death of Tsar Samuel, 1934). He also wrote songs that used elements of Slovenian folk music, such as Zimska kmečka pesem (A Farmer's Winter Song, 1903). His influences included Romanticism, Impressionism, and Expressionism. He died in Ljubljana.

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