Emanuele Barbella

Emanuele Barbella Sheet Music

  • Born: 14th April 1718
  • Died: 1st January 1777
  • Birthplace: Naples, Italy

Emanuele Barbella was an italian composer, violinist and musical educator. He received his first basic violin lessons from his father, a violinist and violin teacher at the Conservatorio di Santa Maria di Loreto and then continued studying the instrument with Zaga Angelo and Pasquale Bini, a pupil of Giuseppe Tartini. At the same time he began studying music theory and composition with Michele Caballone, with whom he studied until his death which occurred in 1740. From this year until 1744 he continued his studies with Leonardo Leo. In 1753 he became concertmaster at the Teatro Nuovo in Naples and from 1761 to his death member of the orchestra of the Teatro San Carlo. During the sixties probably taken a trip to England.