Egon Kornauth

Egon Kornauth Music Recordings and Sheet Music

  • Born
    14th May 1891
  • Died
    28th October 1959
  • Birthplace
    Olmütz, Mähren, Czech Republic

Egon Kornauth was an Austrian composer. He studied with Fuchs, Schreker and Schmidt in Vienna, where he remained, though with periods touring as a trio pianist throughout Europe, in the Far East (1928-9) and Brazil (1933-5). His works, in a tonal Romantic style, include orchestral suites, chamber and piano pieces and lieder.

Title Form Instrument Ratings
Burleske, Op.11 Duet Solo Instrument and Piano
3 Klavierstücke, Op.23 Piano piece Piano
Piano Quartet, Op.18 Quartet Chamber group
Piano Sonata, Op.4 Sonata Piano
Viola Sonata, Op.3 Sonata Chamber group
Piano Trio No.1, Op.27 Trio Chamber group