Edward Shippen Barnes

Edward Shippen Barnes Music Recordings and Sheet Music

  • Born
    14th September 1887
  • Died
    14th February 1958
  • Birthplace
    Seabright, New Jersey, USA

Edward Shippen Barnes was an American organist. He was a graduate of Yale University where he studied with Horatio Parker and Harry Jepson. After graduating from Yale, Barnes continued his studies in Paris with Louis Vierne,Vincent D'Indy, and Abel Decaux. He worked as organist at the Church of the Incarnation, New York (1911–1912), Rutgers Presbyterian Church, New York (1913–1924), St. Stephen's Episcopal Church, Philadelphia (1924–1938), and the First Presbyterian Church, Santa Monica (1938–1958).

Title Form Instrument Ratings
Anthems, Op.19 Anthem Choir and Instrument
6 Pieces Piano piece Piano
2 Pieces, Op.5 Piece Organ
7 Sketches, Op.34 Piece Organ
Solemn Prelude, Op.24 Prelude Organ
Scherzo, Op.3 Scherzo Organ
Petite suite, Op.23 Suite Organ
Suite No.2, Op.25 Suite Organ
Organ Symphony in G minor, Op.18 Symphony Organ